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Being "Unorthodox": The Style of Boog Liberace

June 6, 2015


Okay, so when you listen to live music, do you leave feeling like the artist took your soul?  I mean not in a bad way, but in a way where you have to come back because that is the only way you can recieve it back?  But then, you go back, and then you say to yourself " to hell with it"?  I did when I first saw Boog Liberace perform.  Before his performance, he appears relaxed.  He is just vibing in his own atmosphere.  But there is an aura of confidence surrounding him.  He knows that he is going to be leaving with some beautiful souls.  


Unorthodox style 1:  Beautiful Souls


When you hear the ad-lib "gahdamn", your soul is taken.  There is passion in the live performance.  There is a some grit and grime to the style, but that's when your soul is getting clean because you are becoming a fan, or a "beautiful soul" as he calls us.  You close your eyes, and you begin to bob your head.  The lyrics are crisp.  The confidence is sharp.  The style is different.  Then, you open your eyes and notice the blond beard with the bald head.  After that, you notice how tight he holds the microphone.  It's almost as if he doesn't want to let go.  The stage is home.  For those eight to ten minutes he is on set, we are just visitors.  Boog's style is like going to your grandmother's house.  You know when you go inside, you are going to eat good and leave satisfied.   When you see a Boog Liberace performance, you know you are getting the best performance for the night, hands down, and you will leave satisfied.  You have then become a "Beautiful Soul".


Unorthodox Style 2:  The Origin of Boog Liberace


"I was originally known as 'P-Boog', but one day I just woke and looked inn the mirror, and thought about a movie that I watched the night before.  It was called Behind the Candelabra.   It was about a pianist name Liberace, and I felt that at the point that the movie and the story was great, but he was great at what he did.  There were people at that time that did not care about his personal life, or even understood his personal.  Yet, they appreciated the art.  So one day, I decided to change my name to Boog Liberache.  I think about sometimes that if I ever get signed, would they make me change my name.  But it fits me.  I have the blond beard and shit, and that's my alter ego.  So, I'm here to make a statement.  That's my statement; to be a carrier of the Liberache.  When I first starting writing, I went by 'Phil-Boogie' and my alter ego was the 'Boogie Monster'.  I was given the name 'Boogie' by a school security guard at Warren Elementary.  I always had a lot of energy.  I was very big fan of Michael Jackson, and I was always moonwalking down the hallway or some type of dance.  He would always say I was 'boogeying'.  So one day he just started calling me Phil Boogie', and it was cool to me because I'm still elementary school, I got everyone calling me 'Phil Boogie'.  I felt like the man.  As I got older, I just made it shorter.  I just started going by 'Boog', but people are thinking that I am saying 'bug'.  But I should be used to it because that's my name.  Maybe its because of my pronunication.  But it's Boog.  It's Boog Liberace.  I feel complete."


Unorthodox Style 3:  Working Solo


"I just love to perform.  I love to be on stage and show off my talent.  I enjoy feeling the energy from the crowd.  I've also been writing for years, but now I really feel I'm at my peek.  I've finally captured my flow.  I've found my sound.  Now, it's time to take over.  I really want to be independent, though.  I want to be independent in a way to where I'm building my fanbase.  That way if I sign a deal, I won't have to look for a fanbase because I already have one.  I would love to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people.  I feel like I have what it takes, but I don't feel like I have the help I need to get to the next level.  I just need a team.  I'd have to be independent to build that team, instead of being signed to a label and learning a whole new group.  Everything I do is by myself.  I have to choose beats by myself.  I have to write line for line, bar for bar, by myself.  I have people on my team, but they're low key about it.  I appreciate the ones who do support because they are the ones who are the first to repost it and share it.  But I just feel like I need a stronger team."


Despite the unorthodox style, Boog Liberace is who he is.  From his style of dress, to his presence on the stage, or even his ab-libs, Boog is set to take off.  Somebody find that man some help, though!


Follow him on Instagram at Boogliberace.







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