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Blood Lines

October 6, 2019

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The Truth Behind True Lies

June 6, 2015


So, I sat in this print shop, and I looked around.  There was stuff everywhere.  There were boxes of just stuff.  You look in the office area.  There's more stuff.  I mean, more boxes with more stuff.  This is the lab where designer, Will Jamison, does his work.  This is where the creation gets life.  


"True Lies is a lifestyle", say Jamison.  "It's a movement that has already been here.  What I really wanted to do was idolize and highlight it because it is something that people are losing.  It's about being true to yourself, rather than living a lie in society.  What I mean is following that dream you have always had.  You know, work hard at what you do and become a master at it, and continue to grow at it."


"Behind my brand, what I do is highlight creativity.  It's okay to follow your dreams and move forward with your dreams."


The University of Illinois alum has no problem with self-expression.  When you see him, you notice the clothes.  There are rips in the jeans.  He is wearing the extended t-shirt.  The odd looking sneakers.  If you are lucky, maybe the blond patches on the sides of his nappy afro.  With that being said, he shows his individuality and creativity proudly. 


True Lies began on a college campus.  It started as a school organization.  It was described as an alternative to Greek life.  From bar crawls to variety shows to fashion shows, the brand was created.  Eventually, True Lies developed into apparel.  Through a set back, Jamison learned how to do his own printing.  


In addition to True Lies, he also runs his printing company, Blank Canvas.


"In the next five to ten years, this is going to be huge.  First you learn.  Then you drop the L and earn."


He is self-described as being someone who is customer service oriented and a person who does not use the word no often.  Also, considers himself genuine and a helper.  


Want to find some merchandise?  Go to www.trueliesco.com.

Find him on Instagram and Twitter at trueliesco.





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