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Finding Her Treasure

August 10, 2015

 Sex sells.  Less is more.  However, Her Treasures Boutique founder, Stacey Emerson, has creatively bridged that gap.   If you have never seen her pieces, you are missing out.  As the world shifts through social media, and the world begins to gravitate towards provocative looks, Emerson created something that can give you the best of both worlds: the classy and sexy.


 "As a young woman, I have always shopped.  That was my passion," says Emerson. 

"But another passion of mine was to find classy, still attractive, quality, but affordable clothing. That was hard to do.  I shopped around.  I love online shopping, but I would shop around to a lot of boutiques and not find exactly what I was looking for.  So I woke up one day, and I always wanted a store since I was a little girl.  That day, I decided to start a store.  I'm just going to do it.  I'll figure it out. That's how it started.  It started out as a dream, and I did it.  I just wanted something that was going to be for every woman."


The styles of Her Treasures Boutique are unique.  From jumpers to maxi dresses, and everything in between, Her Treasures Boutique has it all.


"I like to go with trendy, but I look at high fashion mixed with the styles of today.  We like to keep it classy because we see that today, women are wearing clothes less and less.  I want you to feel sexy.  You can go to my site and find something sexy and still be covered.  The slogan of my store is 'Covered and Classy'.  But it is still very attractive, and it is still very today.  You won't look like granny, but you don't have to look like you just got off the pole either."


 Yet, behind every successful business, there is brains of the operation.  


"I am a strong, black woman!  I have strong morals, one that believes in God, and one who believes in his word and his will.  God gave me a vision.  In high school, he gave me a vision of being a leader, but someone who was humble and approachable.  I decided to be that person.  I never wanted to make people feel like I was better than them.  So, I would say that I'm just a relatable, young black woman just trying to show another side of black women other than what you see in the media today."


Stacey even shared her go to outfit for a summertime event.


"I would have to say it's a jumpsuit, always.  Two-pieces and jumpsuits are usually my go to outfits, however.  But if it's a last minute thing, I grab a jumpsuit.  One, I don't have to figure out anything to go with it.  It's one piece, and it always looks classy and attractive.  You can walk into a place, and men and women will look at you and say 'Dang, who is that?'. So a jumpsuit will always be my go-to item."


 When it comes to men's fashion, its coming hopefully.  Emerson confirmed that she really loves men's fashion.  


"I really love men' fashion, but men typically limit themselves.  They'll see somebody in something, and say that they can't do what he is doing.  But it's really fun to dress men.  Hopefully, God can make a way for that to happen in about five years."


In this world of business, entreprenuers have people that they either lean on for support or confide in.  Stacey is no different.  Needless to say, her support is abundant.  


"First, I give all honor to God.  He gave me the vision in general.  He keeps me going, and will do what he said he will do.  I would also say my mom, dad, and sister who is constantly saying 'Come on, Stacey.  Look, we gotta sell this, then you can buy more.'  They keep me on track.  Also, I want to say my friend, Sharita.  She was one of the main people who started me up and pushed me.  She stayed on top of me.  She kept me going and was full of encouragement.  She helped me get over my fear of failure and success.  My closest friend, Steve, was there from the beginning.  He would remind me of the times when I would talk about it.  He would say 'Look at you, now!'.  He helped me grow.  He would remind me of the times when we would share a meal because we only had five dollars.  He would say to me, 'You remember when we would walk past stores, and you would say that you wanted your store to look like that?  Well, you have a store.'  I would also like to thank both of my grandmas.  One of them was an entrepreneur.  She encouraged me, and told me to keep going.  She taught me how to save money.  She taught me how to budget.  My other grandmother gave me verbal encouragement by just showing her love and support.  She would tell her friends that I have boutique and that they need to buy from my store."


She even thanks her first customers, whom were high school friends.  


"I thank Camille, Jocelyn, Jessica, Darkemia, and Breonna.  Breonna was my first customer.  As soon as opened my store, she was the first person to purchase something.  Karita would always keep me lifted.  Jocelyn would tell that she was proud of the woman that I was becoming and was going to be.  She says that she's just proud to know me.  It humbles me."


With the mix of a humble heart, good support, and a great product, Stacey Emerson is well on her way.  Do you want to check out some items or even purchase Her Treasures Boutique?  Check out her online store at www.hertreasuresboutique.com or follow her on Instagram @hertreasuresboutique.  





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