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October 6, 2019

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Love is a Game, and She Makes the Rules

August 10, 2015

It was warm summer night.  There was a lady in a red summer dress and brown loafers.  She was chilling outside of a Bolingbrook, Illinois Starbucks in her thoughts.  Her look was captivating.  Her was face reminds you of the girl next door.  Her energy was soothing.  I was nervous.  


"I got you some tea.  Hopefully, you like it.  It has caffeine." she said.  She is Kellen Fescina.  The twenty-two year old singer and songwriter just knew that I needed some energy.  I mean after all, I was going to need it.  


I learned about Kellen Fescina from my mother.  My mother called me one afternoon and said that she met this girl, and the girl can sing.  Well, like always, mother knows best.   


Kellen Fescina is a singer from just outside of Chicago.  Her style as she describes is a "combination of pop and soul".  But who is Kellen Fescina?


"I am an artist.  I am a writer who writes about my life experiences.  Some are good, and some are not so good.  I've been writing my entire life."


Growing up in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois, Kellen grew up a competitor.  Before embarking on a singing career, she was a swimmer.  She describes herself as a complex, but simple woman.  


"When people want to know about Kellen, I tell them to just listen to my music.  I'm sensitive.  I'm more of a listener, even in social settings and just kind of observe." 


Like many artists, she has her influences.  She names Katy Perry, Rhianna, and Pink just to name a few.  


  "As I was growing up, I listened to soft rock like Daughtry and Secondhand Serenade.  Then, when I got to high school, I got more into pop music.  I also like Selena Gomez.  I mean, not for her vocals, but her stage presence." 


Listening to Kellen Fescina's music, you can hear that something is inspiring her music.  Her songs tell a story, which makes her music that much more pleasurable to listen to.  Fescina says that her music allows her to be open and honest with her audience.  What is impressive is that she hasn't been writing songs for very long noting that she began last year.  


"My first beat was provided to me by a local beat maker; a very amateur beat maker.  He just sat at his computer, and he made a beat and he gave it to me.  I wrote my first song to it.  It inspired me to write.  I mean I'm hearing these other girls on the radio, and I'm thinking why can't that be me.  So, I wrote the song, went to the studio, and it sound so good.  I literally cried the first time I heard it.  From then on, I just kept writing, and just worked on getting better and continue to grow."


Well, in June, she released her first album, Love is a Game, which can be found on iTunes.  The eleven track album features tracks "Love is a Game", "Dirty Little Secret", and many others.  


So, what drives Kellen Fescina?


"In high school my English grades sucked.  I should've been from Europe because I was so bad at writing.  Now, I realize that I'm actually good at this. Its so complex, but such a simple form of writing.  For me to put these words together and for it to make sense to so many people is what drives me. Knowing that I wasn't always good at it, and knowing that I can put together a story where people can relate is what drives me."


The great thing about Kellen is that she makes her music for those who have gone through awkward stages in life.  Whether she speaks about bullying and relating it to her song "Perfect", or a lesbian experience on the track "Dirty Little Secret", she hopes her music inspires others to be themselves.  As for advice for people:


"Don't give up, ever.  No matter the negativity, haters are your biggest fans.  They just don't know it.  Don't listen to negative comments.  Just keep going.  Other people will believe you when you believe in yourself."


To hear Kellen Fescina, you can purchase her debut album, Love is a Game on iTunes.  You can also follow her on Instagram @kellen_fescina and follow her budding career.



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