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October 6, 2019

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We Know E.nos

September 24, 2015


The first time I saw E.nos was at a showcase in March.  He looked like an athlete getting ready for gametime.  He was in a zone.  He was focused.  I asked someone who knew him, "Why is he muggin' the stage so hard?"  His response: "Bro just gettin' focused, but he's about rip the stage."  I patiently wait.  Then, the host introduces him.  He says, "Repeat after me. We know E.nos!"  THE crowd responds, "WE KNOW E.NOS!"  I didn't know E.nos, but I did after that performance, it was a different story.


By all accounts, the man is extremely talented, but he knows where his hard working mentality comes from.  However, the million dollar question is who is E.nos?  Where did this grind it out mentality come from?  Word on the street is that he's a pretty dope barber as well.  


"E.nos is a hip-hop artist with a lot of different influences who makes a lot of different types of music that is well liked by people.  I think a lot of people can relate to it.  I never really rap outside of my means.  A lot of artists like to do things to put certain types of components in the music just so that they can attract certain people to their music.  I don't do that.  I like to tell the truth.  I like to keep that authenticity.  I'm an entreprenuer.  I have a very diverse upbringing.  I'm Jamaican.  I've lived in Jamaica.  That helped turn me into who I am."


The oldest of five boys, E.nos credits part of his hardworking attitude to them.  Not to mention, it has made him more responsible he says.  Since the age of 10, E.nos has been writing his own music.  The passion grew stronger at the age of 14.  While a high school freshman, he got his calling from an unlikely source.  


"One of my teachers forced us to read in class.  She handed me two Tupac books.  I hated to read so I would fake like I was reading or fall asleep.  When I read Tupac's books, I realized that these rappers aren't all stupid, and that he was educating in a lot of his songs.  His songs were like poetry which was cool because I wrote poetry at the time.  At 21 in college, I was doing spoken word shows and stuff and recorded my first song.  I only let a couple people hear it.  They didn't stop playing it.  They were like 'its something different about this.'  One time I did this spoken word piece, and I made this girl cry because she was so affected by it.  She told me to never stop doing what I am doing.  I believe that I provide something that is real authentic."


When it comes to influences in life, E.nos didn't have to look very far.  He credits his father, who he says was a Jamaican immigrant.  Through hard work, his father made from poverty to prosperity through hardwork and dedication.  Over the years, his father be an all-american athlete and an all-american student at Chicago State University.  Not a bad person to look up to if I may say so.  However, through accolades of his dad, its easy to why he is a hugh influence on E.nos.  


"First of all, I'm blessed to even have my father.  Second, I have learned so much from him.  I get my work ethic from him."


When it comes to musical influences, he sticks with his Jamaican roots noting that Reggae is a huge influence.  He grew up listening to Shabba Ranks, Barrington Levy, and other artists.  Another musical influence came from the church.  According to E.nos, his favorite Gospel artist is Kirk Franklin.  He played instruments.  That's where he got his appreciation.  Then, he became a fan of Kanye West along with Jay-z and others.  


His style is unique.  When you watch him perform, its almost a combination of spoken word and rap.  His delivery is direct.  You feel the passion of the words when he recites his rhymes.  E.nos isn't shy about the fraternity he represents, which is Omega Psi Phi, Incorporated.  In every performance, he throws up his hooks and proudly represents his frat.  He even mentions his fraternity in his music.  He gets a little in depth about his personal life in the track "I'm Just Sayin".  In just a few lines, he mentions his frat.  In college, he honed his skills.  Through hardwork and time management, E.nos became a more polished artist.  From working around the clock, being an entrepreneur (the man had two businesses), a student, and an artist it made him into the person he is.  However, E.nos credits his fraternity for that.  


Yet, the question is how does he describe his style?


"As far as the way that I approach, I feel like I have my strong points.  I'm a chameleon.  I'm versatile.  I can be super melodic like in my song "Airplane Mode".  It has a Future feel to it, you know what I'm saying just because its melodic the whole time.  That's apart of my sound that we discovered a few years ago, but I have always tried to keep my lyrical content and honesty together the whole time and keep my sense of humor.  My team has told me to not that lose that with my music.  I'm a witty motherfucker, and I have a dry sense of humor when I'm talking to a regular person so they want my music to reflect who I am as a person."  


Confident.  Dedicated.  Smart.  Hardworking.  These are a few words that describe E.nos.  His music amazing.  However, the man is more impressive.  What kind of advice does he have for people coming up in the industry?


"There is no such thing as half way.  You either do full out or not at all.  If you do it half way, you won't ever know what you could have been or could have done.  Also, you should never be afraid to fail.  Lastly, stand behind whatever you are doing.  If you are opening a food truck in Chicago, and you say 'I have the best chicken in Chicago.  Fuck Harold's.'  You stand on that shit.  If you put something on your truck that says '#1 Chicken in Chicago', and someone asks you if its better than Harold's and you say 'I think its good', you have to stand on that.  Just don't be afraid to fail.  If you are, you can't give your full enthusiasm if you worry about what's going to happen."


Needless to say, I know E.nos.  Do you?  I would hope so.


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