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Where There is a Will, There's A-Way

September 24, 2015



So, when you see A-Way, he is not a very big dude.  You see the glasses.  You see the fly chain.   Yet, when you see him a room, you know he's special in some sort.  He maintains a low key demeanor.  However, when A-Way touches the mic and rocks the stage, you get your confirmation that he indeed has a special talent.  The Chicago-born rapper has gone from the local stage to the big stage on the now-defunct BET program, 106 and Park.  With a smooth delivery, A-Way has garnered the attention of many people in the music world.


A-Way describes himself as father, a student, and positive person.  All of which translates into his music.  His music has a positive, party vibe to it.  As he would say "there is no kill kill, bang bang element" to his music.  The Chicago rapper represents the city's east side, 81st and Escanaba to be exact.  


"I'm versatile.  I make music for pretty much a lot of different things.  I got a song called 'Scarred' on my album (Homecoming which is now available).  Its more so of an uplift for a woman who hasn't had much or has been through a lot of thing to have a more positive outlook on life.  I've got a joint about Chicago called 'Homecoming' and I have joints like 'LOL' that's straight turn up the club.  It varies, man."


The Chicago artist has made his way presence felt outside of Cook County.  A-way has been featured in XXL Magazine and has performed on 106 and Park, which served as a gateway for many up-and-coming artists.  He even has a following in Canada.  However, great success isn't obtain alone usually.  


"My girl supports like crazy.  She sings, too.  Her name is Amiah.  Her parents manage her, but they also look over me.  My team, Hustle Ward and the Intervention.  So, I have a lot of support."


Recently, A-Way dropped the album, Homecoming.  The album has a very smooth, but hyped party feel.  The album features the hit single, "LOL" (Loud or Liquor for those inquiring).  As he describes, its not quite a roller coaster, but its versatile. 


"The Homecoming album is more personal.  Its one of my most personal projects.  It talks about different situations I was in, and I just brought them out via song."


To date, A-Way says that his biggest accomplishment was performing live on 106 and Park.  Being on the show he said was inspirational.  


"It was a different experience.  It was a next step up, kind of.  I'm a fan of hip-hop myself, not just an artist.  Seeing artists that I was a fan of on there was one inspirational point for me.  It was dope."


Aside from his beautiful daughter, he credits his father for drive and success.  His father, he says, pushed him to be great at everthing that he does.  He also taught him to persistent and to be a perfectionist.  Speaking of perfection, A-Way has a perfect sound, much to the pleasure of his fanbase.  


"I think some of my more popular joints are straight party tracks for the ladies.  There like club joints, like 'LOL'.  For that video alone, I only knew about ten people in that room.  There were a lot of people in that video.  We just said we were having a party and shooting a music video.  For this song, we put up snippets of the song.  We put it on Sound Cloud.  People showed up, and we just turned up.  I think my music is more geared up toward partying.  I have other songs like 'Scarred' which is about uplifting women, or the song I did on 106 and Park called 'Nina'.  Its turning a gun reference into loving your woman.  Now a days, its cool to be hard on women and most of the songs are that.  Women are called thots and this and that, but there isn't enough music that talk about the women taking care of them."  


There is one thing that A-Way would like to eventually.  It has to do with the United Center in Chicago.  


"I want to sell out the United Center one day.  I want to do a big Chicago concert with all of the Chicago artists that are out.  That's one of the biggest things I want to do."


So, what does A-Way have to say about following the dream?


"Don't stop and make the best of what you got.  A lot of people get discouraged when they don't have it all up front, but if you take your time and look around, put your hand out because you don't know what you're going to fall into." 




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