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October 6, 2019

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Beauty and the Bars

September 29, 2015


She has the look of a model.  Her confidence thumps like the mercury in a thermometer on the hottest day of the year.  Her sound is unique.  Do you remember Kreayshawn?  You know Kreayshawn!  She made that song "Gucci Gucci" that Lil Wayne made famous on his Sorry For the Wait mixtape a few years ago.  Well, a couple of guys said that's her reincarnated in Toronto.  However, she kills her in the looks department.  This lady rap singer is Ekelle.  


Ekelle is just one of a short list of upstart artist from the 6.  She combines raw style and sex appeal.  Unlike most divas, however, she's quite humble.  It's sort of like a breath of fresh air to see a rising start with such humbleness, and Ekelle is that rising star.  Now, who is this stunning rapper and model from just over the northern border?


"In general, I'm just a person who works hard.  I can make the best out of a bad situation.  I'm someone who loves to learn and try new things.  Before becoming an artist, I was always creative.  I would write short stories.  I would draw.  I would paint, but it was like a hobby.  But earlier this year I was heading to my job, and I was nannying, and I decided that I didn't really want to do this.  I was like I should be doing more and could be doing more.  I'm a creative person.  I had all of these ideas in my head and was thinking about how I was going to make this happen.  Then one day, I was sitting on the train and a song popped into my head.  I started writing it and that's when 'Toronto Bitch' was created."


 Coming from a single parent home, Ekelle admits that life was not always easy.  Not having much and growing up on welfare lit a fire under the artist.  She would use this also to push others, in particular women.  Not only is she trying to uplift a city, but an entire gender by showing them that tough times don't last.  Tough people do.  


Ekelle is a fresh new face in the music game.  Only recording for a short time, she has begun to establish herself in the Toronto music scene.  However, performing is not new.  


"I used to always love drama and dance class in high school.  Performing has never been a big deal to me.  I have no problem with public speaking or making a fool of myself on stage.  I don't care.  As far performing and rapping on stage, I'm still fresh to it."


The beautiful Ekelle is not only showing talent on the mic, but she is also a photographer's dream.  She has established herself in modeling as well.  


"The reason I wanted to model was because I'm not what the modeling industry is looking for.  I'm not tall.  I'm not skinny.  And for lack of better term, for certain castings, I'm not white.  So, I was like I'm sick of this crap.  I'm going to get out there and make it happen.  So about three years ago, I got on this website called Model Mayhem and created an account.  I said to myself that I'm ready and I'm going to do this.  Then, I started getting gigs for photographers who were just starting.  Eventually, I was at events passing out samples and flyers.  From there, I started growing.  Then, I took a hiatus because university is tough.  So, I took a break.  And now I'm back, and I am going to embark on this artistic journey."


Ekelle's musical journey is inspired by a solid list of artists.  She credits Lana Del Rey because of her free-spirited lyrics and honesty.  She is Eminem because of his personal lyrics.  According to Ekelle, she wants to make her music more personal and anecdotal, like Eminem.  She prefers the soulfulness of Alisha Keys.  She like Azealia Banks for her versatility.  And we can't forget Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim, and Remy Ma.  


However, she is grounded by a great group of friends.  Yet, Mom and Grandma have been down since day one.  


Currently, she has two singles.  Her first being "Toronto Bitch", and her most recent single being "Body Work".  Both tracks and other music can be heard on her Sound Cloud, and the video "Body Work" can be seen on YouTube.  


Now, what does she say to people who are trying to get started in the industry?


"Simply, don't give up.  Don't worry about money, but have a steady income so you can plan your next move.  Also, if there are negative people in your life, cut them out.  Get them away because you don't need that.  Expand your network with artists.  You just need people to support you, especially in your city."


Follow the movement of the Beautiful Ekelle on Instagram at OfficialEkelle and stay in tune with this up and coming star in the making.


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