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Up Next: BMB Pudding

June 11, 2017

Everybody has a sweet tooth.  I don't care who you are! Why not have a cool, refreshing treat like banana pudding!  Now, I'm not a huge dessert person.  I'd prefer a nice, succulent meal where a knife and fork is involved. 


However, Brianna Lockett has changed my prospective.  Brianna is the founder of BMB Pudding.  The up-and-coming dessert queen is about to rev up the summer treat scene with her gourmet banana pudding dishes. 


Brianna's work started at the blessing of her father, whom she says is a tough critic.  However, she knew the quickest way to his heart.  She essentially perfected her grandmother's recipe.  The rest she said was history. 


"What made me start BMB Pudding was that I was able to perfect my grandmother's pudding.  When I realized that my pudding tastes just like my grandmother's, that made me really want to start it.  As a girl, I was taught to share with others and be a nice, warm-hearted person like my grandmother," Brianna says. 


BMB Pudding has been in business for a year.  Throughout that year, she has learned that networking is the key to success.  With success comes with hurdles, however.  Lockett says that there have been times where had no room in her refrigerator, or the time she showed up at an event, and the host did not have the money.  One thing she said was that sometimes, people can be negative.  She's asked, "why just bananas?"  She says that her vision is HER vision.  Ultimately, she'd like to open her own shop.  Ideally, her shop will feature muffins and other items with bananas being the main ingredients.  


Now, who is her motivation?


"My son inspires me.  Everyday when I wake up, I realize that I have to do it for him, even when I don't feel like it.  My mom motivates me, too.  She's in school getting her nursing degree, and that inspires me.  Lastly, my brother who served a year in Afghanistan.  I'm really proud of him, and I want him to be proud of me as well." 


And what's her advice to someone who is up-and-coming and struggling? 


"Embrace the criticism, but also ignore it because you can't stop doing what you're doing.  Just because someone says 'add this' doesn't mean you have to.  Always stick to your first mind.  Never repeat what people say you can't do.  Stay true to what you believe in, and never change."


- Photo by Eliana Almazan

-Make-up and Hair by Divine Moussabote-Loubert

-IG:  bmba1_pudding






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