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Taking the L.A.N.E.S Less Traveled: Face in the Wind Edition 1


Name to the Face:  Sose  (pronounced So-Say)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Neighborhood: Englewood

Occupation:  Designer & Photographer

Business: L.A.N.E.S Creator & CEO (Living Above Normal Everyday Standards), A Giant Photo Photography

IG: sosethegiant

Website: www.lanesdesigner.bigcartel.com


His designs are very eye-catching.  I'll give you an example.  His brother (whom was the original subject) walks outside to meet my photographer and I.  He is wearing an extended black hoodie with gold logos placed on both breast of the garment.  My first thought: "I need that!"


That seriously was the first thing that came to mind.  Let's be honest for a second.  You have a lot of "designers", but they often times try a bit too hard with loud and annoying patterns and colors.  (Hey, if that's your flavor, do you!) What I do know is this: when you see a piece from L.A.N.E.S, you'll get a clean and stylish look.


"I'm very creative, but I'm more of a unique individual.  I want people to actually understand the phrase or acronym.  So, when it comes to the designs, I make it simple so the message can stand out.  Really, it's all about the person who wears it.  When they get it, they can wear it any kind of way they want to wear it.  The message is gonna stand out, regardless."


"L.A.N.E.S stands for Living Above Normal Everyday Standards, and it's basically explaining the mindset you gotta have to get through your normal, everyday life", says Sose.  "It's like a motivational thing, too, to yourself to make yourself go harder everyday.  We all settle for something in life.  We have all been at a point where we just felt like where we felt like we weren't doing enough.  This brand represents nothing, but drive.  Nothing, but push and adrenaline.  That's what this brand represents."  


L.A.N.E.S, according to Sose, was inspired by his works as a videographer and photographer, as well as just being a kid from the Chi. Everyday struggles was also his motivation to start the brand.  


"I had to tell myself, 'Whatever I have to do to get better, I have to stay in my own lane.' With staying in my own lane, I had to set standards.  The standards that I set had to be above the ones I once had in order to achieve anything I wanted to achieve." -





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