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Exclusive: The Evolution of Paris the Spitta

January 14, 2019



Paris the Spitta is back!  After a brief hiatus, the lyricist is making his return as he battles his old self.  Formerly known as "P-Mac", Paris takes on the challenge of battling his former self.  This is a battle between past and present;  better and best; stereotype and self-proclamation.  Overall, Paris the Spitta has reinvented himself into an artist who is ready to take a significant leap in the industry.  


During his break, Paris had to regain focus.  That meant tuning out things and people around him.  In effort to find his sound, he stopped listening to other artists music.  In effort to not draw comparisons, this as he said, was a very necessary step in his redevelopment.  This was the total opposite of what "P-Mac" was. "P-Mac", as Paris would say, was following the trends and trying to catch on to waves.  


School was a motivating factor for the change.  There, he learned more about the music business itself and the changes in the industry.  In addition, he had to cut off people.  Paris said that an epiphany led him to removing toxic people. 


"Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future", Paris quoted. "The people you surround yourself with are a direct reflection of you."


That, in itself, started the renaissance.  


In the midst of changing his music persona, Paris has stayed genuine to himself.


"Paris is someone who is definitely motivational and giving. I always see the positive in every situation.  I'm always smiling.  I'm not a negative person.  Like I said, I'll give you the shirt off of my back.  I've done it several times. I'm hard-working and family oriented.  I'm just a very focused person, and I'll cut out anything that will deter me from what I'm focused on. I'll cut a motherfucker off in a heartbeat."


"P-Mac", however, was the total opposite.  He was a self-described hot head, a womanizer, and a careless individual.  One of the issues with his former persona was that he tried too hard to fit in.  He tried to fit in with people who he described as "seasonal".  


"In regards to music, I tried to fit in with who's hot right now.  What is he doing?  How is he getting this many fans?  How is he attracting all of these followers?  Then, I would be like I need to make music like that just so I can get the same results.  So, I would base my success off of someone else,  and think that because he succeeded in it, I'm going to be able to succeed in it.  So, obviously, this 'P-Mac' character was very shallow and didn't understand how life works. So, immature is where 'P-Mac' was at with it."


Paris the Spitta, however, is a bit of a rebirth.  The lyrical content is different.  It's much more mature than the previous alter ego.  The message is broader, and his words take you to back to REAL HIP-HOP.  There's no gimmick.  There is no lack in content.  It's different, or rather, authentic.  In today's era of Hip-Hop, authenticity is scarce.  Yet, that is not the case with Paris.  The music is a renaissance.  Just don't ask for a feature.  


"Paris the Spitta is definitely more mature in regards to even the lyrics and content he puts out.  It's more educated.  I'm trying to just school people, you know?  It's not like how Jay-Z has been coming lately.  It's one of those things that if you went through it, and you see someone else going through it, why would you turn your shoulder? Paris the Spitta is going to be one of those guys who is going to tell you everything that he has experienced, and how he got out.  He's giving you the game on stuff.  It's for women as well.  That's how Paris the Spitta coming.  I don't do features with people.  I've got my reasons for it.  It's not an arrogance thing.  I just don't think people can keep up.  You'll hear my verse and be like 'why he put him there?'  I'm humble as hell, but in regards to this music, a lot people just haven't proven themselves in this local arena.  Maybe my competition isn't in this arena.  I feel like I should be in this arena with J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar because I know they're going to keep up.  They'll make me re-evaluated some shit.  Some of these guys out here ain't it."


With a new visual out and his new mixtape P'Mac vs. Paris the Spitta releasing on January 15, everyone can witness the change in his sound. 


"You're going to see the growth and maturity.  You're going to see how 'P'Mac' is talking about this, and how Paris the Spitta is talking about that.  It's totally different. It's going to be like night and day.  You're going to see the difference in lyricism and the different topics.  Paris the Spitta is more mature.  He spits.  Spittin' isn't just about the music, but about life.  I'm spittin' knowledge. I'm spittin' inspiration.  I'm spittin' motivation.  I'm spittin' something. That's how Paris is coming.  'P'Mac' is just rapping like most of these other guys out here."


For 2019, he plans on putting out two tapes: P'Mac vs. Paris the Spitta and It's Just Different.  After this first tape, however, "P'Mac" will no longer exist. 


So, be on the lookout on January 15 for the new project, and prepare your goodbyes for the "Mac".  


Follow Paris the Spitta on Instagram @paristhespitta.









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