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Blood Lines

October 6, 2019

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Switzerland on Saturday

September 2, 2019

 Rain or shine, the barbershop is open.  Six booths.  Six conversations. Six styles.  Six satisfied customers. 


There is a deep conversation going on somewhere.  There is small roast session building up.  There is a talk about what's going on in the world.  Some are just silent.  The sound of the clippers snapping is enough for them.  



Someone is getting ready for a date.  Someone is getting ready for a wedding.  Someone is bringing their little man in for his first cut.   Someone is getting ready for a job interview.  Someone is getting ready for a funeral.  Someone is getting ready for the best night of their life.  



The elder customers are respected for their wisdom.  The youth bring the energy and the flavor.  The children bring the innocence.  


 Local celebrities feel normal. Regulars leave feeling like celebrities.


The walls insulate the spirits.  The snapping of the clippers provide a theme song.  The razors represent precision.  


And the barbershop knows all, and tells nothing.


Welcome to Switzerland.


Oasis Barbershop

2128 S. Halsted 

Chicago, IL



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